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Are You Seeking OnlineOrdination?

Do you have an independent ministry or are you seeking to start one and realize that there is more to having a ministry than being out there on your own.

 Do you believe that God is calling you to be a minister in His work and need online ordination?

There are all kinds of ministries that a person might want to start or are already in such as a music ministry, counseling, Christian bookshop, youth outreach, humanitarian, missionary and endless other possible  forms of ministry.

So I as Bishop John R Brumby with my wife Pastor Janet F Brumby of Arke Ministries would love to hear from you and work our way through the many vexing problems, for there is a lot more to being in ministry or considering ministry than one might realize.

This particular page is about those involved or wanting to be involved in independent ministries, therefore if you are with a particular church or other ministry you should consult them as to what actions you should take. Of course if we can help you to point in the right direction then we will certainly love to hear from you.

We are more about what we call interdependence rather than independent, but by that term we mean to realize that it is a great thing to have proper training, loving help and backup to what you are doing, and not have to go it alone. It is not though to be a system of control that prevents you from working the way God has equipped you.

Of course being able to listen to and take note of good advice that has been learnt in the school of hard knocks is important, and especially so in independent ministries.

And yes we do need to take seriously matters of conduct that can get in the way of fulfilling God's work in us.

So if you see yourself as one of those called to enter such a ministry, or as one already in such a ministry but want the kind of loving help we are ready to offer.

Then email us at and put "Online Ordination Enquiry" in the Subject area of your email. In the body of the email please tell us more about yourself and what you are doing and or want to do.

Remember when you send information that is only the starting point, we will require various proofs in making our considerations as to ordination. 

 Finally give us proper details on how we can contact you.

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