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We do indeed need to enter into God's global network and become part of His kingdom that has no end, for God has so loved us, He wants us to have everlasting life.


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This website Arke Ministries Com  along with Music For Newbies is committed to the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
So through the various pages of the vision this site presents in a simple way what the challenge is.
Our prayer is that through this sites promotion you will find Christ and that you will tell us so in the guestbook.
We all need to hand our lives over to Jesus Christ, confessing our sin and believing in His salvation through His sacrifice upon the cross, and by His resurection from the dead,


Arke Promotions tells you more about our ministry.
This page with the website is all about God, ministry, prayer, love, life, vision, music and promotion.

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