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for 2010

Angel Praying Candles

Please Pray For

Brandon & Michelle:

Please Pray For

Tabitha Age 12

 Please Pray For

 Donald, Shannon and Family:

Please Pray for

Rosco Slaven.

 Please Pray for Roger

New Zealand

Who was involved in a head on car crash, sustained 22 broken bones and broken neck in his body. 

He is now out of critical condition but will be in hospital for a very long time. He has three children and four grandchildren.

Claude and Evelyn who have lost their home in the Nashville Flooding

Please Pray for Rick

Please Pray for Vivian


Edmonton KY

Please Pray for Gloria

 Lost her vehicle due to flood waters. Had leave her home, to stay with someone to be close, to walk to work.

Message ID: 53484240


Reagan has asked for us to Pray for

A week old baby, in Hospital was on Life Support. She trying to breathe on her own has enzyme missing which is causing her health problems

Message ID: 53484115


Please Pray for Alicia

Having continued infected imune system and flu


All familys who have lost loved one's and their homes in the Nashville Flooding.

J.D.Davis, from Monticello,

in need of prayer 

Debbie and Family

 Please Pray For


who is having troubles

after an Operation

Carlos, had a sore throat, doctor found cancer of throat and jaw. Surgery last week, not doing well.


Betty as asked if we will Pray for the following

 please pray for me, my fiancé Robbie he left me and I’m hurting

Message ID: 53091450

 Please Pray for John


who has had bad stomach pains and ongoing health issues

 Please Pray for Chuck


who has ongoing dental problems and infected mouth

Please Pray for

  Ms. Kathleen

who has just gone through another operation and in need of prayer and healing 


My cousin Melissa needs our prayers and support. She was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in the 4th stage.

There's a large tumor pressing against her lungs, making it hard to breathe. She will begin chemotherapy next Friday the 18th, and receive treatments every 21 days. She is 36 yrs old, is married to her husband Terry, and has 4 children. Please pray for her and her family as they are faced with this difficult time.


Roberta (37 yr old daughter) has had sugary for femur bone cancer. The in the cancer pelvic bone has not been addressed yet. She also needs the University of WA medical to do a complete body scan for other cancer. The problem is she is in prison and has NO RIGHTS. God can change all things.


Please pray for Maria Navarro's 15 year-old son who is very sick with bone cancer. I met this lady in the supermarket and promised we would pray for her. Thank you. This is a mother's desperate cry for her son who is on drugs. Please pray for him and his family


Chan is in ICU due to internal bleeding. She's been fighting Cancer & was doing well. She is also being treated for Cardio-Pulmonary hypertension. Her family asked for prayers for her. We are all in prayer tonight, as well. Thank you for your prayers and May God Bless all the Prayer Warriors.

 Please pray for my niece, Melynda (age 40), who has a mass of cancer in her ovary area. Her mother, (my sister) died of cancer when Melynda was 17 years old. She medicated loss of her mother by using drugs and alcohol. Now she has cancer. The doctors will not do surgery to remove the cancer until she gets off drinking alcohol and gets mental help. She is having severe emotional issues and is now dangerous to herself and others.  Also pray for her sister Melissa who is trying to help her but doesn't know what to do.  

Jim is sleeping a lot. They think the cancer has hit his brain. I just ask for your prayers that Jim will not have to go thru a lot of pain. And that god will lay him to rest soon and he can rest till Jesus comes. Please pray for me. It hurts to see him go thru so much. Thanks. And may god be with you.


Please pray for my father Valentino, It is beyond human capacity to heal him, but I know Jesus healed much worse condition and I know He can heal my father if it is HIS will. Thank You God Bless


Please pray for Terry who recently wrote to me from prison to tell me he has high blood pressure. He has asked me to send this prayer request to you to pray about this matter, also he is about to share the  Message with the inmates and he has also requested prayer as well. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf. God Bless You


My father, a retired pastor, is in very critical condition in ICU. His blood platelets are extremely low. The doctors don't know what to do; they're scared to give more blood transfusions because his body could start rejecting them. They said the low platelets could cause a terrible brain hemorrhage at any time. Please pray fervently for his platelets to increase. Thank you.


My grandmother, Emilia, is in the hospital in critical condition after suffering a "catastrophic brain aneurysm." The doctors have not given a very positive prognosis, although she is in better condition than they had originally imagined. The next few days are VERY critical in determining whether she will move towards recovery or death. Only a miracle of God can heal her completely, according to doctors. My grandmother has always prayed for everyone and has been a strong and powerful prayer warrior. Now, she needs the prayers. PLEASE pray for her recovery and the miracle I know only God can do!


Ronnie Reynolds in Malvern, AR had a heart attack and received a pace maker but now is experiencing a blood clot in the lung which could easily pass to the heart and cause his death.


We thought 4 year old Mackenzie was making progress with her cancer, for which many of you have been praying. Unfortunately, she just had a biopsy of her kidney that revealed a rare disease that appears to be untreatable and may lead to dialysis or even death. Please pray for her healing


Yesterday CT scan showed that my mother has a mass in the pancreas, biopsy was done but result is still pending, please pray that it will turn out negative. Thank you.


Little Sofia has been ill for 12 days with fever sometimes reaching 104.5. Please pray for healing. Her family is members of our church. Thank you and God bless



My daughter is pregnant but there is no heartbeat. The Dr. sent her home and said she should just miscarry. I BELIEVE IN MIRICLES! Would you please help us pray that our Lord will perform a miracle here. My daughter is 34 years old and has never had a child, she is devastated. Thank you so very much, your prayers mean so much to us and we are truly thankful for your help.


My brother is in ICU in Florida. Two weeks ago he had the carotid artery surgery in his neck. The end of this week he was scheduled to have stints put in the main aorta of his heart. Yesterday he started bleeding internally; they took him to the hospital. He is on a ventilator, had 5 units of blood and is in ICU. They don't know where the bleeding is coming from. He will be 67 the 1st of August. He is my only sibling, our parents are both gone. He is not a Christian. Please pray for him. Thank you.


My friend Chrissie’s Father just had another stroke or Heart attack they think" They don't know yet but he was rushed to the hospital and is now admitted. Chrissie’s a baby Christian. Please pray God helps her dad. She just lost her brother 2 months ago and can't handle this. Please pray for divine intervention for her father. Thanks and God Bless you all.


I need healing for brain injury and prayer for mental confusion and headaches


Please pray for Elena, a young friend, who sustained very serious injuries in a car accident. Pray for her full recovery. She has been having Bible studies for the last two months. Also pray that she will give her life fully and completely to God. Pray for her family who are not Christians that they too will get to know the Lord. Thank you.


My daughter Dawn went full term with a baby girl in March of 2009 and she died just prior to delivery. Now my daughter is 8wk. pregnant again and the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat. Dawn is upset with God and crying out why??? She really is in desperate and in need at this hour for understanding. We have been praying that the ultrasound was malfunctioning and that all is well after all. Please pray for a miracle and that Dawn will not lose her faith no matter the outcome. To fully trust in God!


My friend Barbara Hendricks went for angioplasty and the vessel broke and they had to rush her to surgery for a three-way bypass. She is listening to God call her name, please pray that she will hear and obey! Also pray for her husband Lorn and daughters Susan and Karen. May God open the ears of all who pray for His people!



Have a good morning my dear brothers in Christ Jesus. I write here to ask for prayer for my mom who is not an Adventist but who does believe in Him. She was suddenly hospitalized for a hemorrhage and might have to go through surgery. Dear brothers, pray that she can come out well from this, and I also ask that you pray so that through this, she could learn the truth about the gospel that God has given us and that she could give her life to God. In the blessed name of Jesus, amen.